About Monster Barrels Design

Our line of professional darts and dart accessories are highly respected because of the low-cost, high-quality and superior design!

Monster Barrels Design is the No.1 selling dart manufacturer in Japan.


asataka Sato is Monster’s dart designer and is well-respected as one of the best designers in Japan. Since 2002, Masa has designed several thousand high-precision professional dart barrels. Masa’s approach is driven by the concept to make the best barrels to match each player. He works personally with each player designing the best custom barrel to fit their individual needs. Masa and his design team, create barrels that are used by many professional dart players worldwide, including Asia, Europe, and North America.

Monster Barrels Design has expanded into the North American Market. The goal is to support the growth of darts in North America through the sponsoring of events and individual players. Feedback from players will continue to help us design the best possible darts for the North American Market. So by trying Monster Barrels Design, you are not only getting top-quality and high-precision professional darts and dart accessories, you are also contributing to the advancement of the sport of darts in North America.


Chuck Pankow has partnered with Monster Barrels Design to further develop and grow the business in North America. Chuck has been involved in the sport of darts since 1989, and has been an official Monster player since 2013.

Meridith Woolson
Executive Assistant / Business Administration

Meridith Woolson graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship from Middle Tennessee State University and is an avid supporter of the sport of darts.

Blair Thomas
Public Affairs / Network Admin / Webmaster

Blair was a Public Affairs Specialist while in the U.S. Coast Guard. After being honorably discharged, he focused on Network Administration and Website Design. Chuck hasn’t beat him in a game of darts since the late 80’s … because they haven’t played since then!